I’m Adrian M Chira. I’ve developed a system, called 3xCO to help people not only set goals and resolutions but the part where it excels is helping them see them through. (3xCO comes from 3 times CO: COmmitted, COnnected and COnsistent.) I’ve successfully used the system with pen and paper and now it’s being developed online. Since I’m also writing a book that puts forth the system and its principles, I’ve decided to blog some of the ideas from the book. If you feel there is a disconnect in some areas of your life between where you know you should be and where you actually are then this blog is for you.

Besides my interest in goal achievement, self-motivation and productivity, I’m interested in science (particularly theoretical physics, some areas of mathematics and biology), apologetics, theology, philosophy (that I blog on at https://reasonedfaithblog.wordpress.com/) as well as computing and technology. I also enjoy reading non-fiction and watching movies.