Past, Present or Future: Where Should You Live In?


Ten days ago started a new year. We are here between one year that lies in the past and another one that lies in the future. It’s a time when we can think what we can do with our past and what can we do about our future. Some people live in the past and can’t enjoy the present. Some live in the future. They live in their dreams that they hope to reach one day but don’t take care of their present. Then their neglected present doesn’t take care of their future which doesn’t deliver their hopes. Others forget the past, disregard the future and live in the moment. They end up not learning from their past mistakes and their “happy now” turns into “regret later.” To be “happy now” they often need to take away from being “happy later.” When that later becomes now they find out that instant gratification is a trap—one with delayed effect. But you need to learn from the past to see that.

Then where should one live in? The past is the time where your mistakes and successes dwell. It gives you valuable hindsight and guidance. Let it be your library. The future is the time where your dreams and goals dwell. It gives you precious foresight and vision. Let it be your lighthouse. And the present gives you a chance—the only chance—to use what the past taught you to reach the future you aim. Let it be your workshop. The past or the future never give chances but only the present does. The past gives advice and resources and the future gives hope and direction. But the present is time for action—the only time for action. Therefore, you need to act now with the future in mind under the guidance of the past. Forget the past that that drags you back. Forget the instant happiness that brings sorrow later. Forget your dreams you can’t or won’t do anything about. Today is your day. Work hard with eyes set on your actionable end goals while remembering those steps from the past that help you push forward. Godspeed!


Note: Original post was updated on Jan. 12, 2108



  1. Note: Original post was updated on Jan. 12, 2108

    Where can I get a time machine like yours? It would help immensely with my attempts to learn from the past and live in the present.


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